Team Leader Hannah has experienced stellar success with her Signature HomeStyles business. She broke the company record this past awards year for Show Average with a whopping $1000 average! Hannah continues to inspire and amaze all of her Hosts and Guests with her passion and love for decorating and organizing. Hannah is always willing to share her success tips with others in hopes that they will also create the success they deserve. Hannah is doing a great job of growing her business alongside her young family. She is married to her wonderful husband Wade, and they have two precious daughters, Aubree (7) and Ella (4).

We recently talked to Hannah about her success and are happy to bring you her success tips today.

Many people join Signature HomeStyles for one reason and end up staying for another reason. Can you share with us why join joined, and why you continue to grow your business?

I joined Signature HomeStyles to be able to quit a 8 to 5 job that I wasn't enjoying. I stay so that I can be a stay-at-home mom and still contribute to our family's income each month. Oh and the fun vacations each year are a bonus!! The vacations are something special I can give to my family that we wouldn't otherwise probably do.

You hold the company Show Average all time record of $1000.  That is so impressive!  What are 3 success tips that you intentionally do to increase your Show Average?

#1. Insist on mailing invitations and either the Host or I doing some sort of reminder to the Guests before the show (text, email, fb message)

#2. I create desire for the product at my Idea Shows by carrying higher ticket items and creating "looks".  My Guests fall in love with the entire look and either buy it or book a Show for it.

#3. Offer every Guest every single Guest Special they qualify for. 

With a Show average of $1000, how do you use Surprise Packages, Guest Specials or Charity specials to increase order size?

These are all the perfect add-on's and so I make sure to ask every single person who qualifies for them if they would like them. I start with the surprise package being the most expensive, typically they aren't going to say no to all three, so at the very least you can get an extra $10 on the order potentially $45+. People love when they hear "you qualified for _____!  So rather than asking “Would you like to add on a Surprise package?”  where they can just say ‘no’, I phrase it as “you qualify for a Surprise package!” and they respond well to that.

With the number of Shows you do, you are always at every different stage of Host Coaching.  How do you keep track of where you are with each Host?

Because I use the same routine with each show, it's just all in my head and I know once I have completed one step the next one is just automatic. I do use and recommend others use the Planning Calendar to keep track of my upcoming shows and 3rd bookings.  I highly recommend figuring out a routine that works for you and then sticking to it. It simplifies things and makes it easier to not forget a step.

Many people feel they don’t have “time” to follow the host coaching steps.  You have a young family.  What are things you do to make “time” for your business.

Yes, even though time is a precious commodity for me, I still make time for the things I think have the biggest results. Host coaching being one of those things. Making sure my Hosts are working with me to have a great Show ensures that my time at her show is worthwhile. I'd rather go to a Show and have a $250 paycheck than go to a show and come home with $100 and the difference might only be the 10 minutes I spent Host Coaching.

What is your best advice to someone who wants to increase their show average this year?

The best advice would be to increase the number of people attending the shows (reminder calls work!!) and make sure to then work on getting them to add onto their orders, either with the Guest specials or other items that compliment what they already have on their order forms.

More than 18 years ago, Senior Executive Director Carol was looking for a way to supplement her family’s farm income.  Her Signature HomeStyles business provided her with the extra $1,000 a month she needed to pay off this debt, but it also gave her rewards she never imagined possible including building a multimillion-dollar organization. This inspirational Leader guides and leads a growing team of entrepreneurial women every day to share in some of the rewards she received from the extra income and Vacations of a Lifetime, one of her favorite perks of this business.   

Started: 1996

Why did you become a Signature HomeStyles Representative?
“ I joined Signature HomeStyles because we were in a desperate place with our finances and had growing debt.  We needed an extra $1,000 a month and that seemed impossible, until I attended a Signature HomeStyles Show and the Representative said I could earn that doing a couple Shows a week!  Since I worked another job, being able to do this on weekends or in the evenings was something I could add into our family’s schedule because I could “pick” when I wanted to work!

How has Signature HomeStyles TRANSFORMED your life?
“I earned over $1,000 my first month! From there it just kept going up!  We paid off our credit card debt, added a much needed addition and basement to our farm home, and I was able to grow my business into a career that eventually created a six-figure income for my family.  Signature HomeStyles transformed ME, it gave me confidence and self-esteem, something that slowly leaves you as you struggle with debt.”

What has your “success” enabled you to do?
“It gave our family a beautiful home, wonderful vacations and memories to treasure forever!  Financial security, fun extras, and best of all, the flexibility to be with my family when I want and need to, whether that is my children, grandchildren or my parents!  I LOVE this business and this company!”

Favorite product(s):
“I love ALL our storage pieces because I think an organized home is a happy home!
Some of my favorite accessories are the pieces in our new “Inspirations line,”  the On the Pier print, our Standford and Bedford lanterns, and the Silver Birch Trees print!”

Congratulations to new EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR NIKKI! Nikki is a go-getter that takes action to make a difference in the lives of others and her own family! She leads her rapidly growing team with enthusiasm, energy and passion. We are excited for Nikki’s achievement and we recently talked to Nikki about her promotion and success. Nikki believes that the same opportunity is available for anyone who wants it. She shares her words of wisdom and hopes that it will help others dream big, too.

Year Joined: 2002

Why did you join Signature HomeStyles?
I joined to make money. My mom is also a Representative and I went with her to a few of her first shows, and had so much fun. I had no idea you could make money and have fun like that. So I knew I had to join, too!

What was your very first goal?  
I wanted to be in Top 10 Sales. I accomplished that during my 2nd year and was so excited to be at #9. I wanted to be on stage like those other ladies that were achieving high sales. I was in Top 10 four times, 9th, 3rd, 1st & 5th.

What is your next goal?
My next goal is to be Senior Executive Director. I also have my eyes set on National Director.

When did you realize that you could turn this into a career that brought meaningful income to your family?
Not long after I started I realized there was so much potential. I knew if I could become a Leader it would give me so much more income. I knew that sponsoring and my personal show schedule combined were most important and the key to building long-term income. I stayed determined and focused on my goals so I could build a team and keep my personal show schedule of 15-20 shows a month at that time. I had to bring in the same income I had at my job as a legal secretary. I knew if I could match that income, I would be all right. 

What is your favorite success quote that keeps you going even when challenges come along?
Former colleague and friend, Beth said this on stage in 2006 National Convention: "Go home from Convention and figure out what it is that you want from this next year. Then go over the mountain, under the mountain, around the mountain or through the mountain." That's what carried me through that next year that I was #3 and the next year at #1. I literally had to print off a picture of mountains and use a marker, drawing my arrows. I looked at that picture every single time I had to get on the phone.

I love love love helping people in my organization. If I know someone is stuck and wants more from their business, I love dangling a carrot in front of them to help them jump over the boulder that's in their way. I just can't help myself - EVERYONE deserves to have the blessings this company has to offer - EVERYONE. You don't have to be a special person to reap the benefits. Signature HomeStyles offers them to everyone. I love helping Representatives and Leaders believe in themselves that they do matter & their dreams aren't silly. I am willing to help anyone. If I see an opportunity to help their light shine, I take it.

What is your best advice to someone who wants to promote up the career ladder?
Don't stop! It's too easy to throw in the towel. You started Signature HomeStyles for a reason. This business DOES work, but you have to work it. You have to be the one in the driver seat and take your business where you want. It won't drive itself. You can do it!

Heather is experiencing the success she once dreamed about. She has learned that when you don’t give up, you’ll reach your goals and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who believe in you and your dream!

Heather is thrilled that her family is also able to enjoy the benefits of her business. Going on a dream vacation to Hawaii with Signature HomeStyles is something she loved to be able to give her husband, Mike last year.

We know there are even more great things in store for Heather as she continues to live out her dream of helping other women discover how Signature HomeStyles can truly change a life!

Started: 2008

What SPARKED your interest in joining Signature HomeStyles?
I went to a Show that my best friend had about 5 1/2 years ago with hardly any money in my pocket. I was on maternity leave with our second and we were broke! I thought what do I have to lose? So I decided to give it a whirl.

How has Signature HomeStyles TRANSFORMED Your Life?
Signature Homestyles has been a true blessing in our families lives.

I started being intentional and working with my leader Nikki to build my business so I could quit my full time job at our local hospital and be at home with our 2 kids at the time. A year after I started I put my 2 weeks in at the hospital and they laughed at me. They told me I could not make money doing my “basket shows” and that I would be back. Boy, I showed them! That was 4 years ago and they don’t laugh at me now. My paychecks no longer go to daycare and I get to be the mom I’ve always wanted to be to our 3 kids which keep me very busy.

I know that if it weren’t for my business we would never travel anywhere let alone for free. The vacations have been so special for my family and we always look forward to the next.

What is your best advice on achieving success?
Anything is possible when you believe in yourself, surround yourself with supportive, positive people and never give up!!

There was a point where I was very frustrated because my team was falling apart and I wanted to promote to a leader so bad but didn’t see it happening unless I rebuilt and put in 110%. I concentrated on what was the most important thing for me and besides the money it was definitely helping others! I had to close my ears to the negative people that were telling me I needed to go get another job and believe that I could do it!

I promoted to Leadership last April and now a year later a Director. One of my biggest goals now is to earn the spot on Presidents Council for Leader with the most growth. I believe with all my heart that I will some day. I have a wonderful growing team and they are very important to me. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for each of them and the support from Nikki my Leader! She is by far one of my biggest cheerleaders! Dreams do come true! Don’t ever give up on what you want and always set a goal for yourself!

Director Diana is a Signature Club member and top Sponsor. She dreams big and takes action to make things happen to transform lives. She also earned Team Signature at the Director level this past year thanks to her ongoing commitment to success. 

Diana is also very proud to share the business she loves with the family she loves! Her daughter, New Director Angie and her Daughter-in-law, new Team Leader Jaci are following in Diana’s success footsteps with Signature HomeStyles!

Started: 2012

What SPARKED your interest in joining Signature HomeStyles?

I wanted a debt-free Christmas. This was only going to be a “temporary job.” I really wasn’t even looking for a job when I went to a Show. I had never even heard of this company before, but I was very impressed with the product!”  

How has Signature HomeStyles TRANSFORMED Your Life? 

“I was able to quit my full-time job that took me two hours away from home, and still make my bills doing this. I got to spend more time with my family, and I get to travel to beautiful places for FREE! I love that part!”

What has your success enabled you to do?

“Travel, enjoy my home and family more and not feel as though I am going to work at a job I don’t like. I love what I do, and it is like going to a party with a friend, all the time!”

Click here to hear more about Diana’s Signature HomeStyles story!

Team Leader Kathy loves to help others transform their homes and lives. As a top Sponsor, she always is looking to help someone else discover ways to earn that “fun” money that has helped her afford some extras for her family with her business. This Signature Club member is a three-time Circle of Hearts and Circle of Dreams achiever.

Started: 2004

Why did you become a Signature HomeStyles Representative?
“I was a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do while my son was in school. He had just started first grade, and I found myself with a lot more free time than I wanted. I also wanted to bring some extra money into our home, so we could do some “fun” stuff without feeling guilty. I had no intention of doing direct sales at all, but I got invited to a party and met Joy Kopp, and I knew that night that this was what I was looking for! I was really interested, and excited, but also skeptical, so I was trying to talk myself out of it. I went home and told my husband, thinking he would talk me out of it. Instead, Tom said it sounded like a great idea, and started listing off all the reasons I should do it! I said, ‘You were supposed to talk me out of it!’ I got started soon after, and have not regretted it since.”

How has Signature HomeStyles TRANSFORMED your life?
“I NEVER imagined that the fun money I was working for would end up being so much more! It went from pizza night and buying new shoes, to paying off bills and lightening the burden on my husband who had been the only one earning an income in our household. We are saving now for a new house sometime soon. My Signature HomeStyles business also gave me a few bonus gifts, I hadn’t planned on. I learned that my dreams of traveling and seeing new places could be a reality! I’ve been on seven company vacations, now!

What has your “success” enabled you to do?
“My extra income allowed us to pay off bills, and do things we weren’t able to do before. It also has helped me to teach our son that anything is possible, and that you can achieve your goals. He has grown up watching me make goals and achieve them, and I am able to remind him that he can do it, too! He soon will be 16, and I love that he will have this example to follow as he grows into adulthood. I’ve also learned a lot about myself.  I learned to be more confident and that I have a lot of inner strength and determination I didn’t realize I had before. I learned how to set goals and achieve them, and that I can reach new heights when I work and have a plan!”

Favorite product(s):
“This always is a hard choice for me. I love to make my home pretty, and I’m always adding and changing things. We have a small home, so I love how our baskets help me keep everything neat and tidy, especially the cubes! I also love the linens! They make is so easy to add colors and patterns to a room and switch them out whenever I feel like I need a change.”

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